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Bibleocity is a free resource for those wishing to read the bible online, discuss and study its meaning, and compare the different versions. You can also listen to audio versions, bookmark, and our free membership offers tools like favoriting for later study. Soon we'll have Bible study forums and Church Groups as well!

Our default Bible version uses the popular and updated WEB translation, and shows highlighted comparisons to the classical KJV. We of course make it easy to switch to your favorite version at any time. With this custom comparison software, we hope to make it easy for you to help find the true meaning and better understand the original texts.

How it works

How our version comparison algorithm works.

  • First we line everything up

    While most versions of the Bible use the same order, there are a few with different verse numbers, conflicting book orders, and missing sections depending on Hebrew, Vulgate, or other origins.

  • Then we compare words

    Archaic language is compared with today's more modern parlance. This allows for an easier read, while still having the ability to see the original meaning at a glance.

  • Lastly we compare phrases

    Different translations can vary wildly on how they are broken up and structured. Matching "without form" and "formless" can be very difficult for a computer.