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Summary of 2-Corinthians

Second Corinthians is the Book that Paul never wanted to write. Paul’s second visit to Corinth was a sorrowful one, and a subsequent letter was likewise sorrowful. The Reluctant Autobiography (2nd Cor.) defends Paul’s Apostleship and prepares the Corinthians for his third visit among them—a visit in which none will be spared from his apostolic discipline (2nd Cor. 13:1,2). The church in Corinth was rejecting Paul’s message and ministry as they listened to the false apostles in their midst (2 Cor. 11:13)nd. An excellent visit by Titus is the one thing that gives Paul hope, as Titus reports a positive response by the Corinthians to Paul’s sorrowful letter.

What does 2-Corinthians mean?

“To the Corinthians” is named for the recipients of the epistle.

Who wrote 2-Corinthians?

The Apostle Paul is the primary author, with the scribal assistance and courier service of Timothy.

2-Corinthians Chapter Titles

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