2-Thessalonians : 1 - 3

About the book of 2-Thessalonians

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Summary of 2-Thessalonians

Second Thessalonians is an emergency corrective-action letter. Paul is correcting a false message that had infiltrated the local church. The Satanic lie was such that the Day of the Lord had come, without any rapture, and as a result many believers were quickly shaken in their faith. The content of the Book focuses on the Day of the Lord, and the reasons why it cannot yet come to pass. It reasserts the faithfulness of God’s Word as taught by the true Apostles presenting New Testament doctrine.

What does 2-Thessalonians mean?

“To the Thessalonians” is named for the recipients of the epistle.

Who wrote 2-Thessalonians?

The Apostle Paul is the primary author, with the scribal assistance and courier services of Silvanus (Silas) and Timothy.

2-Thessalonians Chapter Titles

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