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Summary of Amos

Amos is the Book of the Rich and Famous. Extensive idolatry had produced a great prosperity of Satanic wealth in the land of Israel. Amos preached on the social evils of his day—not as a social crusade, but as a rebuke of the spiritual apostasy which under-lied the social evil.

What does Amos mean?

The Hebrew, Greek, and English titles for the book are all taken from the proper name of the prophet who delivered the message of this book.

Who wrote Amos?

Amos was the non-prophet, cowboy prophet who received the vision of this Book (Am. 1:1; 7:14,15). He was a sheep-breeder, cattleman, and sycamore grower businessman called by the LORD to rebuke the wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked Israelites who were under the impression that they were rich, wealthy, and in need of nothing.

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