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Summary of Esther

Esther is the Book of Divine Providence. “Coincidence” after “coincidence” occurs within the Book that nowhere mentions God, the Law, the priesthood, offerings, or even prayer. Hadassah is an orphan Jewish girl, raised by her uncle in the Persian capital of Susa. In keeping with her Persian name (Esther=star), she shines forth with a faithfulness that is remembered to this day in the Jewish festival of Purim.

What does Esther mean?

The Hebrew, Greek, & English titles for the Book are all named after the “star” of the tale.

Who wrote Esther?

The author is unknown. Traditions of Ezra or Nehemiah authorship cannot be verified. Traditions of Mordecai’s authorship are inconsistent with the epilogue of the Book (Est. 10:1-3).

Esther Chapter Titles

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