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Summary of Hebrews

Hebrews is the Book of the Priesthood of the Church. The superiorities of Christ introduce the superiorities of His sacrifice, and the superiorities of His priesthood. Hebrews is the Leviticus of the New Testament, describing the principles for our approach to the holiness of God. Because of Jesus Christ, the Apostle & High Priest of our confession, believers in the Dispensation of the Church approach a throne of grace in the heavenly temple rather than a mercy seat in an earthly replica.

What does Hebrews mean?

“To the Hebrews” is named for the recipients of the Book. Not strictly [an] epistle to a particular local church, but rather an essay on Old Testament rituals versus New Testament realities.

Who wrote Hebrews?

The Book of Hebrews is anonymous. Many traditions about for authorship, mainly in support of Paul, but also supposing Barnabas, Apollos, Luke, Clement, and even Priscilla to be possibilities. The Levitical material in Hebrews supports a Levitical Jewish author such as Barnabas or Apollos. The repeated Apostolic authority ascribed to Barnabas in the New Testament leads Pastor Bob [Bolender] to agree with Tertullian’s claim for Barnabas’ authorship.

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