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Summary of John

John is the Gospel of the Son of God. Beginning “in the beginning,” the Deity of Jesus Christ is seen overwhelmingly throughout this Gospel record. The role of the Son of God is to come as the Son of Man and reveal God the Father to this lost and dying world. Seven great “I AM” messages are featured in a Gospel that was specifically written to be a Gospel tract (Jn. 20:30,31). Out of all His miracles, John records only seven, in order to achieve His evangelistic objective.

What does John mean?

The Greek & English titles for the Book are named after the Apostle who delivered the story of Jesus Christ from his perspective as the Disciple whom Jesus loved. Kata Ioannen “According to John” becomes in the English “The Gospel According to John.”

Who wrote John?

John the son of Zebedee was the younger brother of the Church’s first martyr (James) and likely the youngest of the Twelve. A cousin of Jesus Christ (their mothers were sisters) with a home in Capernaum and another home in Jerusalem. The son of thunder became a beloved disciple through his faithful service to the Lord, and it was this Apostle who was entrusted with Mary’s care after Jesus’ death. John is the author of this Gospel, as well as three epistles (1st, 2nd, & 3rd John) and Revelation.

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