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Summary of Judith

The Book of Judith is the story of a brave and beautiful Jewish widow in the besieged city of Bethulia who seemed to flee her attacked city and falsely foretold to King Nebuchadnezzar’s General Holofernes that he would be victorious. After gaining his confidence, she decapitated the general in his drunken slumber to return only to Bethulia with his head leading to a defeat of the "headless" Assyrian army. Possibly based on a Kenite woman named Jael of 12th Century BCE who killed a Canaanite General by the name of Sisera Judges 5:24-27.

What does Judith mean?

Judith is the name of the heroine of the story whom, using her cunning and daring saved her people of Bethulia from eminent massacre.

Who wrote Judith?

Most likely a Palestinian Jew probably near Shechem and possibly a Pharisee from the reference to ceremonial law.

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