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Summary of Luke

Luke is the Gospel of the Son of Man. Where Matthew provides the legal line of Christ through Joseph, Luke provides the human line of Christ through Mary. Luke the Physician uses more medical terms than any other Gospel. Luke also portrays many human stories not found in the other Gospel accounts. The virgin birth narrative is the most extensive in Luke. The Prodigal Son, The Rich Man & Lazarus, and the Good Samaritan are peculiar to this Gospel. So is the account of Mary & Martha.

What does Luke mean?

The Greek and English titles for the Book are named after the man who delivered the story of Jesus Christ from his perspective as a companion of the Apostle Paul.

Who wrote Luke?

Luke was a Gentile physician (Col. 4:14, cf. vv.10-17), who was a careful historian rather than an eyewitness to the life of Christ (Lk. 1:1-4). Luke was perhaps the most faithful of Paul’s companions (2nd Tim. 4:11). A comparison of 2nd Cor. 8:18 & 12:18 has led to a logical conclusion that Luke & Titus were brothers, but this is not entirely certain. Luke is the only non-Jewish human author of any NT [New Testament] Book (writing both Luke & Acts).

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