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Summary of Mark

Mark is the Gospel of the Servant. No special lineage is required of a servant, and no genealogy is thus provided for the Christ. As a servant, Christ is busy doing His Father’s work, and the Gospel of Mark is certainly one of action more than words (no long discourses, few parables). The outline of Mark is identical to the outline of Peter’s sermon in Caesarea (Acts 10:34-43), and thus the Gospel of Mark is sometimes thought of as the Gospel of Peter, recorded by Mark. It is likely that Mark intended his work for a Roman audience as he interpreted several Aramaic terms, and used a number of Latin terms to replace their Greek equivalents in this Gospel.

What does Mark mean?

The Greek and English titles for the Book are named after the man who delivered the story of Jesus Christ from his perspective as a student of the Apostle Peter.

Who wrote Mark?

John Mark was the son of a certain Mary, who hosted a prayer meeting in her home the night Peter went to jail (Acts 12:12). His cousin was the Apostle Barnabas (Col. 4:10), and he traveled with Barnabas & Paul until becoming a source of division between them (Acts 15:37-39). In later years, Mark became a student & assistant of Peter’s in Babylon (1st Pet. 5:13).

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