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Summary of Matthew

Matthew is the Gospel of the King. The lineage of the Son of David introduces the subject. The virgin birth begins the story, as the Seed of the Woman enters into the world. Matthew is the Gospel of Discourse. The five most lengthy sermons of Christ (The Sermon on the Mount, Instruction of the Disciples, Parables of the Kingdom, Terms of Discipleship, and the Mt. Olivet Discourse) are all recorded in this book.

What does Matthew mean?

The Greek & English titles for the Book are named after the Apostle who delivered the story of Jesus Christ from his perspective. Kata Matthaion “According to Matthew” becomes in the English “The Gospel According to Matthew.”

Who wrote Matthew?

Matthew the tax collector (Matt. 9:9-13) became one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ (Matt. 10:3). He is also known as Levi the son of Alphaeus (Mark 2:14-17; Lk. 5:27-32).

Matthew Chapter Titles

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