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Summary of Micah

Micah is the Book of the Little Guy. A contemporary with Isaiah, Micah’s message has striking parallels with that great Book. Isaiah ministered in the royal court of Jerusalem, but Micah spoke to the average man on the street. Like Amos, Micah addressed many social evils.

What does Micah mean?

The Hebrew, Greek, and English titles for the book are all taken from the proper name of the prophet who delivered the message of this book.

Who wrote Micah?

Not much is known concerning Micah of Moresheth. His name means “who is like the LORD?” The Prophet Jeremiah’s life was spared when the elders of Jerusalem quoted the Prophet Micah (Jer. 26:18). Jesus Christ quoted Micah (Matt. 10:34-36 cf. Mic. 7:6). Moresheth of Gath was a village of Judah on the border with Philistia.

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