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Summary of Obadiah

Obadiah is the Book of the Doom of Edom. Like Jonah & Nahum to Nineveh, Obadiah is commissioned to deliver the final sentence of condemnation to a Gentile people. The Edomites, the twin people to Israel, are the objects of God’s wrath for their gleeful plundering of Israel during the Babylonian conquering of Jerusalem.

What does Obadiah mean?

The Hebrew, Greek, and English titles for the book are all taken from the proper name of the prophet who delivered the message of this book.

Who wrote Obadiah?

Obadiah is unknown outside of this book. At least twelve men bear this name in the Old Testament, including the faithful steward in the house of Ahab & Jezebel (1st Kgs. 18:3-16).

Obadiah Chapter Titles

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