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Summary of Psalm-CPDV

This is the Latin Vulgate numbered version of Psalms. Psalms is the Book of Praises. The worship hymnal for the Scriptures contains 150 songs of praise and worship for the glory of the Lord. This worship is grounded in the character of God, and the greatness of His work. The doctrinal content of Psalms demonstrates the reality of the Old Testament Christian Way of Life on a very practical level. Old Testament believers weren’t simply followers of an external ritual, but partakers of an internal relationship with the Lord their God. The psalms were written over nearly a 1000 year period of time. During that time, groups of psalms were recognized as inspired Scripture, and collected together. Ultimately, 5 Books of Psalms were united in their present form.

What does Psalm-CPDV mean?

The English word “psalm” comes from the Greek psalmos: a striking, or twanging, of a stringed instrument, and Psalmoi is the title in the Septuagint. The Hebrew title is Tehilliym: praises.

Who wrote Psalm-CPDV?

David is the author of at least half (75) of the Psalms. He is attributed in the prescripts to 73 psalms (Ps. 3-9, 11-32, 34-41, 51-65, 68-70, 86, 101, 103, 108-110, 122, 124, 131, 133, & 138-145). Additionally, Acts 4:25 credits David with the un-attributed Psalm 2, and Heb. 4:7 credits David with the un-attributed Psalm 95. Twelve psalms were written by David’s musician-priest, Asaph (Ps. 50, 73-83). Ten psalms were written by the Levitical choir, the sons of Korah (Ps. 42, 44-49, 84, 85, 87). Solomon wrote two psalms (Ps. 72, 127). Heman (Ps. 88), Ethan (Ps. 89), and Moses (Ps. 90) wrote one psalm each. Of the 50 un-attributed Psalms, at least two were David’s (see above), and perhaps a number of others were as well. Also, the scribe-priest Ezra is traditionally accepted as the author of the later, post-exilic psalms, and the final compiler of the entire collection.

Psalm-CPDV Chapter Titles

1 - The Blessed Man1 - Introduction and Lover's Dialogue2 - The King Rejected but Coming to Reign2 - Lover's Visit3 - A Psalm in Distress3 - Wedding Procession4 - Prayer in Trouble4 - Lover's Beauty5 - Sharing God's Attitude Toward Sin5 - Daughters of Jeruselum6 - Praying in Deepest Distress6 - Man decribes is Lover7 - The Slandered Saint Psalm7 - Others Describe his Lover8 - The Son of Man Reigning8 - Conclusion9 - Praise for Righteous Judgment and Concerning the Wicked10 - The Psalm of the Steadfast11 - Liars Against the Truth12 - The "How Long" Psalm13 - The Psalm of the Fool14 - The Regenerate Described15 - Death and Resurrection16 - A Prayer of David Against the Wicked17 - David's Psalm of Deliverance18 - The Witness of Creation and Revelation19 - A Psalm for a Day of Trouble20 - Victorious King Psalm21 - The Good Shepherd (Crucified)22 - The Great Shepherd (Risen)23 - The Chief Shepherd (Coming)24 - Trust in the Midst of Trouble25 - How to Avoid Backsliding26 - One Desire in Time of Trouble27 - A Cry for Judgment28 - The Judgment Storm29 - A Psalm of Dedication30 - A Psalm of Trouble and Trust31 - David's Testimony of Confession32 - Praise for Creation, Providence, Grace33 - Appreciation for Deliverance34 - A Prayer for Intercessors35 - Wicked Way and God's Way Contrasted36 - "Fret Not" Psalm37 - David, Out of Fellowship, In at End38 - Prayer for Wisdom39 - The Obedience of Christ, New Song40 - Prophesied Betrayal by Judas41 - "Hope Thou in God" Psalm42 - Enemies Bug Me43 - Undeserved Suffering44 - Royal Wedding Psalm45 - Triumph in the Great Tribulation Period46 - The Lord Reigning47 - Jerusalem48 - The Folly of Unbelief49 - The Nature of True Worship50 - David's Sin Acknowledged51 - "Green Olive Tree" Psalm52 - The Psalm of the Fool (Same as Psalm 14)53 - "Mine Helper" Psalm54 - Escape From Tribulation55 - A Prayer of the Hunted One56 - Refuge in Trouble57 - Imprecatory Psalm58 - Prayer for Deliverance and Judgment59 - Through Defeat to Victory60 - Refuge in the Rock61 - Confidence in God the Rock62 - "Most Beautiful" Psalm63 - Wicked vs. the Righteous64 - Thanksgiving Psalm65 - Worthy Worship Psalm66 - Future Kingdom Blessing67 - Victorious Procession of God68 - The Sufferings of Christ69 - Memorial Psalm70 - Aged Saint Psalm71 - King and the Kingdom
72 - Envious at the Prosperity of the Wicked73 - The Enemy in Possession74 - The Lord's Cup of Judgment75 - When God Reigns in Zion76 - The Troubled Saint77 - The History of God's Grace With Israel78 - A Prayer With Jerusalem in Ruins!79 - Christ, the Strong Man80 - God Bares the Heart81 - God is the Judge82 - Afflicted to Learn!83 - "Sons of Grace" Psalm84 - "Revival Prayer" Psalm85 - Poor and Needy Prayer86 - A Song of Zion87 - "Deepest Distress" Psalm88 - "Davidic Covenant" Psalm89 - The Psalm of Death (First Adam)90 - The Psalm of Life (Last Adam)91 - Sabbath Palm (of rest)92 - The King and His Throne93 - A Prayer for Vengeance94 - A Psalm of Praise and Warning95 - Praise and Testimony in View of the Second Advent96 - "The Lord Reigneth" Psalm97 - A New Song of Victory98 - Righteous Judgment & Trembling99 - The Old Hundreth (Thanksgiving)100 - The King and His Subjects101 - A Prayer in Humiliation102 - "Bless the Lord, O My Soul" Psalm103 - The Praise of His Works104 - Israel's History & God's Mercy105 - Israel's Failure & God's Grace106 - Thanksgiving for Affliction107 - Praise for Victory108 - "Satanic Power" Psalm109 - Christ as King and Priest110 - "Reverend is His Name" Psalm111 - God's Plan is Greater than the Pressures of Life112 - From Dunghill to Ruler113 - When Israel Went Out of Egypt - God Compared With Idols114 - "Dying Grace" Psalm I115 - "Dying Grace" Psalm II116 - The Shortest Psalm (praise)117 - The Exalted Christ118 - "The Word of God" Psalm119 - Prayer Against a Lying Tongue120 - The Traveler's Psalm121 - Jerusalem and Peace122 - Waiting in Faith123 - Lord on our Side124 - Security for the Trusting125 - A Psalm of Freedom126 - Safety in the Lord127 - Earthly Blessings128 - Comfort in Affliction129 - Who Shall Stand?130 - Childlike Trust131 - Davidic Covenant Psalm132 - A Psalm of Fellowship133 - Worship at Night134 - Priestly Praise Psalm135 - His Mercy Endureth Forever136 - Babylon Captivity Weeping137 - "Magnified Thy Word Above Thy Name" Psalm138 - Spiritual Life Psalm139 - Opposition from Evil140 - "Guard My Speech" Psalm141 - The Prisoner's Psalm142 - A Prayer for Mercy in Persecution143 - Military Strength Psalm144 - Pure Praise Psalm145 - Praise and Trust146 - Praise for God's Grace to Israel I147 - Praise for God's Grace to Israel II148 - Praise from all Creation149 - A New Song of Praise150 - Praise Ye the Lord

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