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This is the Latin Vulgate numbered version of Songs. Song of Solomon is the Book of Sex and Marriage. Other wisdom Books, such as Job, Proverbs, and even Ecclesiastes address the issues of sexual immorality and sexual purity. It is the Song of Solomon, however, which portrays the subject in a vivid drama. There are two competing understandings of Song of Solomon: the two character view, and the three character view. Viewed as a drama with only two characters, Solomon is identified as both the king and the shepherd, and is the “good guy” of the text. Viewed as a drama with three characters, Solomon is the king, and the shepherd lover is a separate character, making Solomon the “bad guy” of the text.

What does Song-CPDV mean?

The song of songs (best song) which is Solomon’s. The Hebrew title, Shiyr Hashiyriym, and the Greek Septuagint title, Aisma asmaton, say the same thing. This Book is the song of songs. The alternate English title, Canticles, comes from the Latin vulgate title: Canticum Canticorum.

Who wrote Song-CPDV?

Song. 1:1 identifies Solomon as the author, and he is referenced numerous times in the Book.

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