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Summary of Titus

Titus is the Book of Putting things in Order. Like an Inspector-General, Titus was Paul’s primary fellow-worker to go into a particular area and remedy bad situations. Similar to First Timothy, the Book of Titus establishes criteria for the Pastoral office of elder/overseer. The post-Apostolic generations needed to know how to recognize and appoint elders once the role of Apostles came to an end. Paul’s epistle to Titus provides just such information.

What does Titus mean?

“To Titus” is named for the epistle’s recipient.

Who wrote Titus?

The Apostle Paul (Tit. 1:1-3), notifying Titus that he was being relieved of responsibility in Crete, and reassigned to Paul’s winter quarters in Nicopolis (Tit. 3:12).

Titus Chapter Titles

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