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Summary of 2-Samuel

The story of David continues after the death of Saul. David reigns in Judah for 7 and a half years, and then from Jerusalem for an additional 33 years. The Book of 2nd Samuel contains the beautiful, unconditional Davidic Covenant (ch. 7). The Book of 2nd Samuel also contains the tragic failure of David with Bathsheba.

What does 2-Samuel mean?

The original Hebrew title for 1st & 2nd Samuel is simply shemuel (Samuel). The Septuagint, written on papyrus scrolls needed to split the long text of Samuel in half. Kings, likewise, was split in half. Our 1st & 2nd Samuel, 1st & 2nd Kings, are found in the Septuagint as (Books of Kingdoms ).

Who wrote 2-Samuel?

The traditional author of 1st and 2nd Samuel is the Prophet Samuel (hence the name of the Book). This is not likely at all, as Samuel dies in 1st Sam. 25:1. Samuel did write (1st Chr. 29:29), but “The Chronicles of Samuel the Seer” is not the same thing as “The Book of Samuel.” There are 31 chapters of Scripture material after Samuel’s death in 1st & 2nd Samuel. It’s not likely that God prophetically revealed that material to Samuel before his death. (Especially since Uriah would have read about his own murder ahead of time) Pastor Bob [Bolender] personally believes that the Prophet Nathan was the author of Samuel, utilizing Samuel’s Chronicles as a written source.

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