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Summary of Acts

Acts is the Book of Apostolic History. The sequel to the Gospel of Luke, Acts records primarily Peter and Paul’s Apostolic ministries. Set in the Dispensation of the Church, Age of the Apostles, Acts presents the foundation of our present age during the charismatic period of New Testament revelation.

What does Acts mean?

The title “Praxeis” was commonly used in Greek literature to summarize theaccomplishments of outstanding men. Praxeis Apostolōn records the work of the Apostles in building the foundation of the Church.

Who wrote Acts?

Luke the Evangelist is the author of Acts. (Cf. Luke 1:1-4 with Acts 1:1,2). A traveling companion of the Apostle Paul (Col. 4:14; 2nd Tim. 4:11; Philem. 24), long stretches of Acts are marked by a “we” narrative (Acts 16:10-40; 20:5-28:31).

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