Psalm - 55:14

14 We took sweet fellowship together. We walked in God's house with company.

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We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company.
We took sweet counsel together; We walked in the house of God with the throng.
Who didst take sweetmeats together with me: in the house of God we walked with consent.
We who held sweet intercourse together. To the house of God we walked amid the throng.
When together we sweeten counsel, Into the house of God we walk in company.
We had loving talk together, and went to the house of God in company.
But it was thou, a man mine equal, My companion, and my familiar friend;

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We took sweet counsel together - Margin, "who sweetened counsel." Literally, "We sweetened counsel together;" that is, We consulted together; we opened our minds and plans to each other; in other words, We found that happiness in each other which those do who freely and confidentially communicate their plans and wishes - who have that mutual satisfaction which results from the approval of each other's plans.
And walked unto the house of God in company - We went up to worship God together. The word rendered "company" means properly a noisy crowd, a multitude. The idea here is not that which would seem to be conveyed by our translation - that they went up to the house of God in company "with each other," but that both went with the great company - the crowd - the multitude - that assembled to worship God. They were engaged in the same service, they united in the worship of the same God; associated with those that loved their Maker; belonged to the companionship of those who sought his favor. There is nothing that constitutes a stronger bond of friendship and affection than being united in the worship of God, or belonging to his people. Connexion with a church in acts of worship, ought always to constitute a strong bond of love, confidence, esteem, and affection; the consciousness of having been redeemed by the same blood of the atonement should be a stronger tie than any tie of natural friendship; and the expectation and hope of spending an eternity together in heaven should unite heart to heart in a bond which nothing - not even death - can sever.

Walked unto the house of God in company - Or with haste; for the rabbins teach that we should walk hastily To the temple, but slowly From it.

We took sweet counsel together,.... Not in religious matters; for in these the testimonies of the Lord were David's counsellors, Psalm 119:24; but in civil things: hearty counsel is one branch of friendship, and which greatly sweetens it, Proverbs 27:9; as this may be applied to Christ and Judas, it may denote the mutual delight and pleasure they had, the one in communicating, the other in receiving a notional knowledge of the Gospel, and the mysteries of it, which are the counsel of God, Acts 20:27; for if hearers may hear the word gladly, as Herod did, and receive it with joy, as did the stony ground hearers, and yet be destitute of the grace of God; why may not Judas, and other preachers devoid of true grace, be thought to receive and preach the doctrines of the Gospel in a speculative way, with some kind of delight and pleasure? so professors of religion take sweet counsel together, when they communicate to each other what light and knowledge they have in the mysteries of the Gospel, and converse about experience, and the mysteries and secrets of internal godliness, and give and take advice in spiritual things; and sad it is when anyone of these drop their profession, and reproachers, scoffers, or persecutors;
and walked unto the house of God in company: David with his royal family and courtiers, and Ahithophel among the rest; where he delighted to go, and that with a multitude. So Christ and Judas often went to the temple together, with the rest of the disciples, who heard many an excellent sermon from his mouth: all which are further aggravations of sin and guilt. And so such persons, who have walked together to the house of God and in it, have attended together on public worship, and walked together in holy fellowship; when any of these forsake the assembling of themselves together, scoff at religion, speak evil of ordinances, reproach the saints, or persecute them, it is very shocking, cutting, and grieving indeed.

in company--literally, "with a crowd," in a festal procession.

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