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Summary of Tobit

Tobit, a pure and pious captive of Ninevah, whom, after grave misfortine, stripped of his property, and losing his eyesight, sends his son to retrieve his friends trust in Media along side the angel Raphael (in disguise as Azariah, his guide). He marries Sarah after curing her curse of death to whomever she marries with the burnt heart and liver of a fish as guided by the angel, and also cures Tobit's blindness with the gall of the fish allowing the family live to a ripe old age in peace.

What does Tobit mean?

Tobit is the ostensible author of the story about his son Tobias and his marriage to Sara focused on the beauty of family life, duty, and sacrifice.

Who wrote Tobit?

Written somewhere between 225 and 175 BCE in a semetic language probably in Aramaic or Hebrew, which is consistent with texts found at Qumran.

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